Central Square


Abstract animation inspired by my commute through Central Square in Cambridge, MA. This film explores the sensory experience of moving through public spaces, the curiosity and anxiety that comes from being in the middle of a city. I use loops and cycles to experiment with the timeless quality of space that you return to each day, and how they can start to feel stuck in time.


Daniel Rowe

Daniel Rowe was born and raised in South Portland, Maine. He started making animated films as one of the many self-taught kids of the first Flash boom in the early 00’s. Now Daniel is a Boston-based independent animator working in both traditional and digital techniques. He received his MFA from VCU’s Kinetic Imaging Department in 2013, and his BFA in Animation from MassArt in 2007. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Animation at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.


Director:Daniel Rowe
2019 / United States / 0:03:11