International Competition Family

Screening time and screen information

Nov 3rd 12:40-, Theater 3
Nov 4th 10:00-, Theater 1 (Screening and Short Interview with the Film Makers)

The Last Day of Autumn

2019 / Switzerland / 0:07:22

A group of forest animals secretly collects parts from abandoned bicycles, with the intention of con(…)

  • Director : Marjolaine Perreten


The Deluge Fable

2018 / Germany / 0:06:50

During a storm tide somewhere in the North Sea the dyke bursts. A girl with her goat, but also a rat(…)

  • Director : Michael Zamjatnins



2019 / Spain / 0:09:00

Life can arise anywhere, nature behaves strangely and days can last for minutes. Although everything(…)

  • Director : Cesar Díaz Meléndez


2018 / Switzerland / 0:03:31

Completely alone in a black space I make a phone call. A film on the verge of cinema and theatre.

  • Director : Loïc Kreyden


Cat Lake City

2019 / Germany / 0:06:42

Percy Cat is looking forward to a relaxing day in CAT LAKE CITY – the cats´ vacation paradise. But t(…)

  • Director : Antje Heyn

Sweet Night

2018 / Belgium / 0:13:43

All bears are supposed to hibernate. All except this one, with his eyes wide open

  • Director : Lia Bertels

This Is Pig Meat

2019 / Canada / 0:03:49

I used to to be a vegetarian. pigs used to be my friends. now i eat them quite a lot.

  • Director : Peter Millard

Pachelbel’s Canon

2018 / Japan / 0:05:00

A visualization of the canon form in which three violins trace exactly the same melody at two bar in(…)

  • Director : Keita Onishi


Technology for Talking

2019 / United Kingdom / 0:05:27

Technology for Talking is a bright cut out animation which introduces voice output communication aid(…)

  • Director : Jemima Hughes

Water Baby

2019 / South Korea / 0:09:36

"The mother is away for a while and the child falls into the sea. What has happened since then?(…)

  • Director : Kim Sang-nahm


Hello, My Dears

2019 / Russia / 0:03:30

An old lady loves and waits for her dear relatives. And relatives come. There are a bit strange, but(…)

  • Director : Sasha Vasiliev