Bakuon Screening: Yuri Norstein

The very first Bakuon screening of Yuri Norstein’s six masterpieces, 2K-remastered from the original negative print.


On September 15, 1941, Russian animator Yuri Norstein was born in the former Soviet Union. Known for the technique of cut-out animation, this “God of animation” is respected from animators all over the world, including Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. As the 20th anniversary project of the movie channel Imagica BS, they made remastered version of 6 short films by Norstein from 2K scanned data from the original negatives from Russia with the digital restoration and grading. The sound was also digitized from the original magnetic tape and Japaese sound engineer Seigen Ono was in charge of its restoration and mastering.

Bakuon Screening:

A Screening with an Audio System used in Live Concerts
Bakuon (explosive sound) Screening is an experimental way of screening films. It doesn’t use the speakers installed in a movie theater; instead, it uses an audio system usually found in live concerts, which is set up especially for the screening.
Powerful and Delicate Sound
With dynamics that cannot be achieved in normal audio settings, Bakuon Screening offers the audience a thrilling experience; after all, a change in sound can even change the way we watch films. During Bakuon Screening, one will be able to listen to the subtlest sounds that you would otherwise miss. It’s a perfect combination of powerfulness and delicateness.
Bakuon Means the Best Sound
Bakuon doesn’t mean just a loud sound. It is also a way to search for the best sound a film can have, as it attempts to find out where the core of the sound exists, so that the essence of the film can be revealed.


25th October the First Day (1968, 10min)

Battle of Kerzhenets (1971, 10min)

The Fox and Hare (1973, 10min)

The Heron and Crane (1974, 10min)

Hedgehog in the Fog (1975, 10min)

Tale of Tales (1979, 29min)


Yuri Norstein


Director: Yuri Norstein

Presented by: IMAGICA TV

Distribution: Child Film Presented by IMAGICA BS

Russiam, 83min, DCP, Russian dialogue, Japanese subtitle

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