Nov.5th - 8th, 2021 New Chitose Airport Terminal, Hokkaido JAPAN

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival November 20th - 23rd,2020

FAQ for Invitation

I can’t arrange my flight tickets before the submission deadline of Attendance Form.

By the deadline, please inform us availability of your attendance, and submit a filled-out form with tentative flight details that you’re planning. This way we will secure your accommodation while you finalize your flight booking. Later, update us with fixed details as soon as possible after you purchase your tickets.

What is the condition of “Travel Allowance” – What do you mean by “We are planning to cover a part of your flight cost: **,000JPY at most” ?

-We provide a **,000JPY stipend (one person per film) to help apply to your travel expenses. Your stipend will be distributed in cash at festival check in. No documents (the receipt of the airplane tickets, e-ticket…) are required to receive the money.

-There’s no increase nor decrease of the amount regardless of the travel ticket price or means of transportation you take.

Question regarding arrival and Departure Date/time of travel

-Accommodation will be provided from the day before the festival (31st Oct. check-in) to the day after the festival (5th Nov. check-out).

-If your flight will arrive at the New Chitose Airport in time for the Opening Ceremony which is scheduled in the late afternoon on the 1st Nov, your arrival can be on the 1st Nov., instead of the 31st Oct.

-Please leave on the 5th November because on the 4th evening the Award ceremony followed by Closing Reception will be held.

I would like to extend my stay (at the accommodation arranged by the festival).

As long as you attend all the events you are obliged to be, you can extend your stay. Let us know the exact schedule in advance. Please note the festival only cover the accommodation from Oct 31st to Nov 5th. The extended nights should be covered by yourself (6,000 JPY per night).

I would like to bring a guest/companion.

Festival office will arrange a room for the guest, please provide travel schedule and room preference. Even if your guest/companion stay in the same room with you, you need to pay the hotel charge since it is calculated per person, not per room, the hotel charge for an additional guest is 6,000 JPY per night (incl. breakfast). Please pay the Festival Information counter at festival check-in (CASH ONLY, please prepare for no change.)

-Festival Pass and meal vouchers will be provided to your guest.

What does “vouchers” mean exactly?

The “vouchers” are coupons/discount tickets that can be used for meals and food at most of shops and restaurants inside the airport terminal building during the festival period.

Who is applicable for Invitation?

The invitation goes for the Director or Producer of the film. If neither of them can participate, the invitation goes for composer or animation director or someone who is responsible for the creative side of the film since the person invited should attend Meet the Filmmakers session and talk about the film, and should attend Award Ceremony.

How the Invitation works when two films are selected?

Up to one person per film, we will subsidize the travel expense (one **,000 JPY stipend) related to the “attendance” of director or producer of the film.
When two films by the same director are selected, there would be following two cases of support:

1. The director attending with a producer of either film → travel support for two attendees (one per film x 2)

2. The director attending by him/herself → travel support for one attendee

I would like to know when my screenings will be. When is the schedule of events published?

The screening schedule is to be announced early October. Thank you for your patience.

Could you give me an indication of the days and times I will need to attend my screenings and any Q & A’s, or other events I might need to attend?
How long time will I spend on the festival and how much time will I have for a sightseeing?

We will send you your schedule before the festival, it will include all your screenings and events that we need your attendance.
We ask you to plan your sightseeing other than the day/times mentioned in the schedule.

Shall l prepare some presentation or do directors just attend the festival but don’t present their work?

We ask you to participate in “Meet the Filmmakers” Q & A interview. It will not be in the form of presentation or lecture, so no prepared material would be necessary.

Could you tell me how is the festival organized? Are there special events for networking?

Every year at the festival we have attendance of many related parties from around the world. Though events especially for business purpose will not be organized, it is very easy and convenient for participants to have interactions with each other since the venue is only inside the airport terminal building.

(Also, the hotel where all the guests are accommodated has BAR NEW CHITOSE, a “for the festival guests only” lounge, where you can enjoy talking with other filmmakers over drinks (Cash-only).)

Can you send me an invitation letter to the festival?

Upon request, we will send you “official invitation letter” by attach to application for any kind of funding etc. addressed to cultural institution in your country.

Does the Festival support participants with obtaining Japanese visa (e.g. invitation letter)?

Invitation documents for visa application is issued by the festival office for the invitee. We need;

1. Copy of your passport ID page

2. Your travel details (can be tentative information).
-departure/arrival airport names
-flight numbers
-departure/arrival dates in your country
-arrival/departure time in Japan
In the forms will be stated that;
-The Festival wishes to invite you as a director of film in the Competition programme
-Accommodation Expenses / Travel Expenses / Legal Compliance is guaranteed by the Festival (The amount of travel stipend will not be included)

Please use the following information if you need;
・ hotel details and the contact person
Air Terminal Hotel
3F,New Chitose Airport,Bibi,Chitose city, Hokkaido 066-0012
TEL:+81 123-45-6677
FAX:+81 123-45-6333
Contact Person: Yasuhiro Yuge
・Name and detail of guarantor/Inviter
New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival Executive Committee
Executive Chairman
Name: Masashi Koide
Date of birth: 9 Nov 1957
Sex: Male
Relationship to applicant: Representative of the inviter (organization)
Profession or Occupation and Position: Executive Committee Chairman
Nationality and immigration states: JAPAN

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival Office C/o Enleysha Co., Ltd.
Address: Sapporo Tokeidai Bldg., 9F, 1, Nishi-2, Kita-1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0001 JAPAN
TEL: +81 11-206-1280

I would like to invite a friend from Sapporo to see my screening. Is it possible he could watch for free?

We will issue guest passes for your friends to see your screening, they can pick up the passes at the Festival Information.
Please send us his/her name(s), number of people, and the date(s) they’ll be coming.

Is there is a laundromat / washing machine in the hotel?

Unfortunately there’s no laundromat or washing machine, neither in the Terminal Hotel nor inside the New Chitose Airport terminal building.
There is laundry service for guests – If you bring your clothes to the front desk by 11:00am. it will be finished around 17:00 the same day.

Will I be allowed in some Onsen with my tattoos (they aren’t gang symbols!)

There is a Spa “New Chitose Airport Onsen” right in front of the festival venue inside the terminal building, where tattoos are not allowed usually – but we’re trying to arrange with the facility so that they will admit tattoos during the festival period. However, most of onsens in Japan unfortunately still do not accept entrance of those with tattoos.

As the festival is held inside the Airport, will we be allowed to travel around the city during the festival period?

Yes, you’re free to spend your time during the festival, in or out of the airport terminal building.
Please plan your time avoiding the day/hours that we need your attendance in screenings/festival events.

I can only speak English – is that enough to communicate in the city, restaurants, museums, shops?

English assistance is available inside the New Chitose Airport, but there are some shops in the city that may not have English Assistance.

Is it possible to get around to different cities and national parks in Hokkaido by train or bus, or is a car necessary?

Sure. From New Chitose Airport, it takes about 40 min. train ride to Sapporo city center, the biggest city in Hokkaido.

There are buses to national parks, or if you would prefer to drive, car rental is available in the New Chitose Airport.

Will it be skiing season early November?

It’s too early for skiing at early November, most of ski resorts in Hokkaido opens in late November.

What exactly the Showcase program entail. Where and under what circumstances would the film be screened?

International and Asian Showcase will be screened one time each during the festival period at about 80 seat capacity theatre.

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival Office
C/o Enleysha Co., Ltd.
Sapporo Tokeidai Bldg., 9F,
1, Nishi-2, Kita-1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0001 JAPAN