Nov.2nd - 6th, 2023 New Chitose Airport Terminal, Hokkaido JAPAN

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival November 2nd - 6th,2023



NEW CHITOSE ARport Walk Venue:New Chitose Airport Terminal Building

At the 10th New Chitose Animation Film Festival, every attendee with a smartphone can immerse themselves in AR (Augmented Reality) animations. Within the New Chitose Airport Terminal Building, interactive experiences are available at four distinct locations, including the prominent Center Plaza. This initiative is a tailored adaptation of the “CREATIVE GARDEN KYOTO,” which originally debuted on the streets of Kyoto Prefecture in March 2023, specifically redesigned to suit the ambiance of the New Chitose Airport.

“Kotodama diary” ARVenue:Domestic Terminal Building 2F Center Plaza


Kotodama Diary” is a game where players nurture “Kotodamatcchii” by feeding it “Kotodama”. Its appearance and traits change based on player words. Enjoy Kotodamacchi in AR and discover them all!

Achabox  (アクロバティックチリメンジャコ)
Achabox (Ske6)

Game developer, illustrator, and pixel artist. Graduated from Kyoto Seika University. After working as an MV director and illustrator, she transitioned into a career as a game creator. Developed and managed “”Kotodama “” at room6 Co., Ltd., featured three times on the Apple app Store. Awarded the Grand Prize at the 2022 Shueisha GAME BBQ. Currently, actively developing the new game “”Schrodinger’s Call”” with support from Shueisha as part of the indie game development team “”Acrobatic Chilimenjako.

Being AliceVenue:New Chitose Airport International Terminal Bldg. 2F PORTOM HALL

「Being Alice」

Rather than conveying the ready-made products used as motifs, the theme is to create a new visual value as a pure structure. By presenting everyday familiar products as if they were massive sculptures, it offers an experience of viewing from a perspective that is not usually consciously considered.

okada masamitsu(OMD)
okada masamitsu(OMD)

A graphic designer and artist under the name OMD.Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design.In 2021, held the first solo exhibition, “New Form,” at Arts Chiyoda 3331 and OIL by Bijutsu Techo Gallery in Shibuya PARCO.Received awards, including the Grand Prize and Jury’s Prize, at “UNKNOWN ASIA 2022.”
Currently serving as a full-time lecturer in the Information Design Department at Kyoto University of Art and Design.

PACIFIC DRIFTVenue:Domestic Terminal Building 4F Observation Deck *Entrance from 3rd floor food mall.


AR inspired by KOZYNDAN’s ‘Pacific Drift’ with choreography by YOKO HIGASHINO. It portrays a creature from Pacific marine trash attacking humans. Bunnyfish consumes this trash, excreting biodegradable substances, showing a cyclical process.


Collaboration AR by KOZYNDAN+YOKO HIGASHINO.Kozyndan is an illustrator duo based in LA, USA, since 2001. They are renowned for their chaotic and irrational social satire style. They’ve illustrated for ‘Magic: The Gathering’ card game and partnered with big apparel brands like Puma, Patagonia, and Converse. They exhibit globally.The choreography is done by Yoko Higashino, a member of ANTIBODIES Collective, who serves as a director.

RotAte AR in NewChitoseVenue:Domestic Terminal Building 4F Oasis Park NEW CHITOSE AIRPORT THEATER

「RotAte AR in NewChitose」

Based on “Ulysses” by J. Joyce, the film “RotAte Shika” uses stop-motion to show SIJIA LUO rotating continuously. Inspired by this film, an AR piece was created with TOCHKA’s “Light Animation”, called PIKAPIKA.

羅絲佳 <ラ・シカ> + トーチカ
Sijia Luo + TOCHKA

[Sijia Luo]
Sijia Luo, a graduate of Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School with a specialization in animation in 2020, is known for her short films that have garnered recognition at international film festivals in China, the US, Europe, and beyond. Her work has also been featured in significant group exhibitions, including “RAM PRACTICE 2021-Exhibition” in Yokohama in 2021 and “Phenakistoscope- Stroll The Line Series” at MoCA Pavilion in Shanghai in 2019.

In 1998, they formed the filmmaker/creative duo “TOCHKA”. They invented the animation production method “PiKA PiKA”, which combines the techniques of long exposure photography and stop motion animation. By using light to draw lines in the air, anyone can create animation. TOCHKA’s fields of activity range from experimental animation to contemporary art.
Their film “PiKA PiKA Lightning Doodle Project” won the Grand Prix in the Lab Competition at International Short Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand 2008. Their film “TRACK” won the Grand Prix in the non-narrative short category at Holland Animation Film Festival 2016

STREET WRITERVenue:Domestic Terminal Building 2F Center Plaza


The ‘STREET WRITER’ app, developed by artist Tochka, is a web AR tool designed for drawing on smartphones and tablets. This concept originated from workshops with children and was designed to allow free expression through graffiti without concerns over legal constraints or privacy. We are looking into its potential as a supportive tool for education and art therapy in the future.

ドワーフ20周年記念展(ミニ)Venue:Domestic Terminal Building 2F Center Plaza



Ends at 18:00 on November 5th

Social Media Animation
Venue:Domestic Terminal Building 2F Center Plaza

「本年コンペティション短編部門VR作品の体験およびSocial Media Animation部門受賞作品の展示を実施。

SELECTION for the Short Films in competition | VR Films

『From the Main Square』

From the Main Square
2022 | Germany | 19:00

Ends at 18:00 on November 5th

Social Media Animation grand prix


2023 | Japan






Program for Family Admission Free