Nov.2nd - 6th, 2023 New Chitose Airport Terminal, Hokkaido JAPAN

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival November 2nd - 6th,2023

Special Feature: Tomek Popakul

Special Programs

Special Feature: T
omek Popakul


2013 | Poland | 0:19:00

In a small seaside village a busy father tries to train his teenage son for a fisherman’s job. The introvert boy-fish will have to face the first serious competition. The world discovered by the boy is full of alarming signs and fascinating observations that often terrify him. Popakul’s intriguing graphic animation is at attempt at describing the anxiety of a teenager coming off age.


2015 | Poland | 0:14:00

“Black” is about pair of astronauts trapped on orbital space station because of nuclear war that ran very fast on the earth below. (there was third astronaut which we don’t know who escaped alone by one and only rescue capsule. They lost contact with earth, all attempts to make connection with base or with anybody failed without answer. All thay can till now is to watch next nuclear explosions on the surface of earth and try to survive somehow together...

Acid Rain

2018 | Poland | 0:26:00

After running away from her depressing village in the Eastern Europe, a teenage girl meets a new friend under a brigde.

The Moon

2020 | Poland | 0:12:00

On the one hand, it’s apocalypse, and on the other, it feels like any other day. Something bizarre is throbbing on an invisible layer.



Animation director, musician, graphic designer, music video creator.
Graduated Lodz Film School on direction animation and special effects.
Parallelly studied there scriptwriting for 1 year. His graduation movie “Ziegenort” was shown on many international festivals and gained many awards incl. main award for animated movie on New Horizons festival in Wrocław, award for best animation on Cracow Film Festival, Grand Prix in Oberhausen, and award for best animation on Brooklyn film festival.
Movie “Acid Rain” so far gained 35 awards, was shown in around 90 festivals, got prestigious nomination for Annie Awards, was on long Oscar list. In 2023 completed his newest short animated movie “ZIMA”
As musician performs under nickname ASTMA.Founder of lablel Wysokie Pokrzywy. Host of EXOZENTRYKIME mix series in internet Radio Kapitał. Released albums in labels : Audile Snow, Pointless Geometry, Intruder Alert and also creator of music videos and cover arts for them.

Special Programs

Special Feature: T
omek Popakul


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