Nov.2nd - 6th, 2023 New Chitose Airport Terminal, Hokkaido JAPAN

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival November 2nd - 6th,2023

Spacial Feature and Talk: YANO Honami


Spacial Feature and Talk:
YANO Honami

Chromosome Sweetheart

2017 | Japan | 0:04:55

An ex-couple in a café, a girl sucking on her girlfriend’s hair, a running woman, a fleeing town, a little girl walking along the river. In this world, there are as many forms of love as there are people.

A Bite of Bone

2021 | Japan | 0:09:45

A little girl reflects on her last summer with her father at his funeral. Synopsis; (French) Une fille se souvient, en assistant aux funérailles de son père, du dernier été qu’elle a passé avec lui. Le film raconte une vie modeste qui se déroule sur une petite île dans un coin caché du Japon.

Sunset Train

2021 | Japan | 0:03:09

As usual, the train was packed. The girl sitting in her seat gives her seat to an old man. But then another one came. By portraying the sufferers in the midst of the mundane, the film asks the question of "suffering" and what kindness is in the modern age. This work is an animation of the world of a song sung by Wataru Takada based on a poem by Hiroshi Yoshino.

Are you here, Ser Brunetto?

2021 | Japan | 0:04:09

"Dante ""The Divine Comedy"" The Inferno, Canto XV, Circle Seven, Round Three In this circle of Hell, homosexuals are being tortured for violating the order of nature. It is here that Dante finds his mentor, Ser Brunetto Latino.
Fast forward 700 years to a fictional modern Japan where Dante the cat is a university student. His town has put a ban on alcohol."

Opening film for The DigiCon6 ASIA Awards

2022 | Japan | 0:00:30

A child fishing a distant idea, a fish and a bird swimming in the same sky, the sun someone is holding up looks like the face of a cat in the water. For an Asian video contest for young creators.

Anime Series "TRIGUN STAMPEDE" Ending Animation

2023 | Japan | 0:01:30

"TRIGUN STAMPEDE". Instead of depicting the stars as random light and motion, we took and depicted Gemini as a myth, as having shape and meaning.

© 2023 内藤泰弘・少年画報社/「TRIGUN STAMPEDE」製作委員会
© 2023 Yasuhiro Nightow, SHONENGAHOSHA / TRIGUN STAMPEDE Project

Bialystocks "Visit Me in My Dreams"

2023 | Japan | 0:03:40

The innocent, fluffy sense of security of not even realizing you are a naked person is similar to the feeling of warmth in your heart when you think of your loved ones. This is an interpretation of the Japanese feature film "Visit Me in My Dreams.(2023)"

Sayonara no Mukouni

2023 | Japan | 0:02:24

City Cyndrome "Harajuku Boy"

2023 | Japan | 0:05:11


矢野 ほなみ
YANO Honami

Born in 1991 on a small island in Japan. The film, A Bite of Bone (2021) won the grand prize for short animation at the 45th edition of the Ottawa International Animation Festival, the Best Short Animation Award at the 29th Raindance Film Festival, the New Face Award in the Animation Division at the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2022, and 25 other awards. She has also worked NHK’s “Minna no Uta” and other music/ending videos. Currently working on her latest work “Eri” (tentative).


Spacial Feature and Talk:
YANO Honami


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