Nov.3th - 6th, 2022 New Chitose Airport Terminal, Hokkaido JAPAN

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival November 20th - 23rd,2020

Special Feature: TOCHKA Works [1999–2022]

Theater 3 - 4th Nov 11:45

特集上映「TOCHKA WORKS [1999-2022] 」


  • 『VIBE ID Vhole』1999|0:00:30
  • 『VIBE ID “DROP”』2000|0:00:30
  • 『PiKA PiKA Lightning Doodle Project』2006|0:04:00
  • 『PiKA PiKA 2007』2007|0:05:00
  • 『PIKA PIKA in Kanazawa 2008』2008|0:05:30 
    © TOCHKA, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
  • 『IKEBANA』2008|0:01:00
  • 『STEPS』2010|0:02:00
  • 『Safe And Sound Project』2011|0:03:00
  • 『Green Fairy』2011|0:02:00
  • 『Blue Ice』2011|0:02:00
  • 『教祖 村田峰紀』2012|0:01:00
  • 『MAZE』2012|0:02:00
  • 『ReBuild』2012|0:06:00
  • 『Peace Dream』2014|0:01:00
  • 『TRACK』2015|0:04:00
  • 『SAIGO』2016|0:02:00
  • 『Ka-Ta-Ka-Ta (Click-Clack)』2017|0:05:00
  • 『Time Travel Guide feat. Shing02 東アジア文化都市2017京都』2017|0:04:00
  • 『トクマルシューゴ (Shugo Tokumaru) x TOCHKA Fly me to HOKKAIDO』2019|0:01:37
  • 『Onoe Caponoe “The Message”』2020|0:02:43
  • 『TOCHKA PLAYGROUND 2.0 Document』2022|0:04:26


ナガタ タケシ、モンノ カヅエ[TOCHKA]
Takeshi Nagata, Kazue Monno – TOCHKA

In 1998, they formed the filmmaker/creative duo “TOCHKA”. They invented the animation production method “PiKA PiKA”, which combines the techniques of long exposure photography and stop motion animation. By using light to draw lines in the air, anyone can create animation. TOCHKA’s fields of activity range from experimental animation to contemporary art.

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival

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